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Re: gentoo/wget fails during 'emerge system' (ipv6 enabled)

When ipv6 support is enabled in wget, it sets the "ip_default_family" to
AF_INET6 (host.c:84).  Unfortunately, this variable is not used merely
as a default, as its name suggests; it is used as _the_ family for the
socket.  This means if ipv6 support is enabled, only ipv6 connections
will be attempted.

Version 1.9 is the latest release, and seems to have been released
within the past couple of days.  I will create a patch.


edelkind-debug@episec.com said this stuff:

> 'emerge system' fails with the following wget error:
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> --14:09:59-- ftp://ftp.win.tue.nl/pub/home/aeb/linux-local/utils/kbd/kbd-1.08.tar.gz
>   (try: 5) => `/usr/portage/distfiles/kbd-1.08.tar.gz'
> Connecting to ftp.win.tue.nl[]:21... failed: Address family not supported by protocol.
> Giving up.
> !!! Couldn't download kbd-1.08.tar.gz. Aborting.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> I have 'ipv6' listed in the USE variable; this is a likely contributor
> to the problem, coupled with limited ipv6 support in wget.
> Researching.
> ari