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tests of cdb tools fail on macos X

After creating a concurrent database file with cdbmake or cdbmake-sv,
the 'cdbstats' command fails to gather cdb statistics for the file:

  % cdbstats <test.cdb
  cdbstats: fatal: unable to read input: truncated file

The system on which this fails is a macos X 10.3.6 host, using cdb 0.75
and either of gcc 3.3 or 2.95.  I have tested the software on a few
other architectures (freebsd, linux, solaris), and it functions
properly; this seems to occur only on macos X.

It is also worth noting that the resultant cdb file is identical,
regardless of the platform involved.  There is no error with the cdbmake
process, only with the cdb statistical gathering process.  Additionally,
even on OS X, the cdbget program successfully retrieves entries.